Link Penalty And Removal In GIF Form

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Link Penalty And Removal In GIF Form

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Hopefully you think its like



Finding Me.

Keeping up to date with all the sites you can contribute to or should contribute to is a nightmare.

So, if you have found this site and you are looking for me, you probably won’t find me here.

If I blog, its normally over at my blog, here is a link. Just had a new design and it looks pretty cool, IMHO.

bricks_head y 300

You will can find me over on Twitter and also on Google Plus.

Apart from that, there are not many places I contribute to regularly. I have the obligatory Facebook, but honestly, don’t waste your time trying to add me as a friend. I have more outstanding friend request than friends and apart form the happy new year update status, the last time I put anything of interest on there was probably 5 years ago!

If you are looking to connect professionally then you can always find me on LinkedIn.

Finally you can check out my blog spot blog, another Google owned property that is just there to help with my reputation management and has a list of links to other sites where I have created a profile there is also the blogger profile there or even the Google site.

Shucks! While we are at it, why don’t we list a few more for some Google link love (tongue is firmly in cheek people!)

There is the Pinterest account I set up, yeah, I don’t really pin that much and nothing of real interest i would say. There is the odd gem i find and i use the pin marklet in order to do so.

Then we have the Brand your Self profile, which i set up when trying this service out as part of my work around reputation management. The free version doesn’t offer you much, it’s a hook for the paid version. I never paid for it so can’t give you an honest opinion or review.

Why not head on over to Pearltrees apart from pocket, I pearl most things I like or want ot go back and read so, there are a few gems or indeed pearls.

There is of course the bog standard non hosted subdomain wordpress which hasn’t been updated since 2010, yeah might copy and paste this and stick all this info across there, oops, that would be duplicate content and bad, bad, bad.

And then there is YouTube, who you calling a tube! LOL, yeah, I never post videos, I honestly never really watch any videos online either, so doubt anyone would be interested in my personal channel, that has naff all on it.

if you want to try and put a social influence on me, then you could always check me out at Klout or Kred

OK, totally bored now adding stuff here, so I am off to watch some paint dry. You have enough places to find me and I have enough links on here as part of my experiment.

Peace out!

And Remember…

The Future Is Unwritten